Talking To My Angel

Channeled from my angels, this amazing book has a message for children everywhere!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Talking To My Angel

<>Talking To My Angel
By Martha Jette
<>Children are not new souls on this earth. They have been here before and in between each life, they have been to what we know as heaven. My view of heaven is like the best hotel you could ever find. You are taken care of - not pysically, but soulwise. You have a chance to unwind, so to speak - to review your past life in peace - securely knowing that all have your best interest at heart. You recall the things you did of course, but more importantly, you remember those people whom you met during your journey on the earthly plane. Were you good to them? Did you treat them with love? Did you help them? Were you a benefit to mankind in general?Once this soul searching work is complete, you evaluate your progress. Has your soul evolved at all from the experience you had here? What elements are missing and what work do you still need to do to become a wiser and more loving spirit? It is then that you decide what elements are needed in your next life to fulfill all the criteria for same. Perhaps you were lacking in patience. Then you must choose a life, which will teach you that in a big way. Maybe you loved those close to you, but ignored the fate of others less fortunate. In your next life, you can make up for that shortfall. Do you wish you had taken the time to be more creative? Perhaps you will plan to be a writer or artist in your next incarnation.

While you sojurn in the heavenly realm, you also have access to the wisdom of the ages, to wise souls and to angels. All of these will help you unravel the past and discover your future path. Then you're off on your next journey, like a seaman leaving port again, not to return until his work is complete.Little children come into this world full of new enthusiasm and hope. They also carry with them the memories of their heavenly experience, which remains with them until the physical world begins to bear down on them like a tornado in springtime. This tornado spirits them away and eventually turns them into bewildered, jaded and often disillusioned adults - an unfortunate turn of events. However, life is like that. We get bogged down in all the physical stuff - education, getting a job, acquiring things and sex. It is not that these things are bad. It is just that when our minds are so full of earthly matters, we can no longer imagine, let alone experience the things of heaven.This is why I feel it is important for children to hang on to their focus as long as possible. And perhaps that is why it says in the Bible that we should be like children. They have not yet been forced to think in earthly terms. Their minds are still free to roam the heavenly realms and they still have the ability to see, hear, taste and smell the things of heaven. They are the first ones to sense a spirit presence and without fear, embrace the idea. Many children have invisible friends, with whom they can relate much more fully than anyone else. Others have guardian angels that they can see, spend time with and talk to on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be wonderful to remember all those things or even better, to turn back the clock to a time when we could do the same.

Talking To My Angel is a very special book for children. It lets them know that they are not imagining things. In fact, the truth is that we adults only wish we had their connections. Children should not be put down or disuaded from talking about their spirit friends and/or angel visitors. Rather, they should be encouraged to tell us all about it. We have so much to learn from them - things we have long forgotten. And children are deadly honest. They don't know what it means to be coniving or decieving. They will tell you. All you have to do is ask.I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the Indigo Children. These children have been born into this world as special entities since about 1980. Them come back to this life with a much fuller knowledge than any children of the past. They carry along much knowledge and wisdom, and they're fully aware of their purpose in their current lifetime. That purpose is to help adults remember - to help adults open up to what we term paranormal. It is not a foreign language to them and they truly want us to embrace their truths. Yes, we have so much to learn - so much to remember. Hopefully, Talking To My Angel will serve as a tool for both children and adults to open their lines of communication about things unseen, but just as real (if not moreso) than the physical world around them. When this earth and everything on it is gone (if that every happens), our souls will continue our journeys elsewhere. It is a never-ending cycle of learning, understanding and love.

As adults, we not only should, but we must open up. We must listen to our children. They may be new in terms of physical birth, but as souls, they are actually old and very wise. We are too, but we've forgotten who we really are - sons and daughters of heaven, with all the knowledge that we've accumulated over many lifetimes. The journey continues.

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At 4:23 PM, Bren said...
Wow Martha, Great JOB! You couldn't have done it better even if I done it for you. Hey, Great way to post your book too.
Gee, your my idol Martha!


At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mama,
I finally got here and read your blog, I have something to tell you regaurding your youngest adopted grandbaby ~ I was gonna put it here but with the critics out on both of us, well I will email to ya.
LOVE know who

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At 1:47 AM, Anonymous kathryneo said...

Hi Martha,

This was pretty speical, and I see one of your children has left a wonderful comment.....


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